Download from Portal appears different for different people


I have a discrepency with our Portal. When I download a .CSV file, I open the file in Excel and can see the fields in their respective columns.

When one of my Suppliers downloads from the Portal, their .CSV file is not delimited and all the fields are in one column and bleed across the cells - in other words, they have to format it by separating the info out into separate columns.

I can’t work out why this is happening - is it their software? I believe they are using Excel like we are.

My download from Portal

Hi there,

This is most likely due to how the CSV gets imported into their software. Usually, when opening a CSV file the software will ask what the delimiter is and then separate the fields out according to that character. If they pick the wrong character here the software won’t separate the fields out correctly.

In the first screenshot you can actually see that the commas are in fact included, so the generation of the CSV file seems to work as expected. Please ask them to select ‘,’ as the delimiter and try again. If they don’t get any dialog appear when opening a CSV file they might have a default set somewhere in their settings.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions. I’d be happy to help!