Hide character limit in fields

When using the ‘character limit’ setting (described here: How to set characters limit on field's input? | miniExtensions for Airtable ), the character limit appears in the field like this:


Is there a way to hide the characters remaining? This is because we want to limit very long submissions, but not have users feel like this is some kind of ‘target’ count.

@Adam For this use case, you could simply use Regex validation instead of the built-in character count function. Here’s how to set it up:


This regex will match any string that has at least 1 character and no more than 9 characters, effectively allowing inputs that are less than 10 characters long. I Asked ChatGPT to come up with this pattern, but you can change it to any limit you like.

And here’s how the form looks to the end user:

The error message will only show up when the user goes above the limit.

Let me know if this helps!