Ability to add attachments through a form using the URL

The AirTable attachment style field allows you to add an attachment in multiple ways (see image). Is it possible to add the URL adding option so a user can submit a URL for an image as an attachment in a form? I see you can use a URL for a thumbnail image when viewing records, but wondering if this feature of using the URL for an image could also be added to the forms view. My personal goal would be that when someone fill out a form to create a new record, they can enter a URL in the attachment field and an image would show rather than having to have upload the image from their computer.

Hi @mandi. Before I proceed in creating a ticket for this request, I would like to confirm if you are referring this feature in Airtable?

Yes! Thanks for confirming. The feature in the image is from AirTable. The first image below is an image of the form I’m working on in MiniExtension. It would be great if someone could click the “Select files to upload” and they have the option to upload an image file from their computer or enter a URL of an image thumbnail from the web and either way it would show an image preview in AirTable. I thought about making this a URL field in AirTable, but then it doesn’t show a preview image like an attachment does. In the second image you see the upload options for the fields in the form. I think this feature (if possible) could be built into the upload setting of an attachment field. Let me know if I can clarify or answer any more questions. I really appreciate you following up.


Thank you for confirming. I have created a ticket for this request and we will keep you updated through this channel.

We are delighted to inform you that we have released the feature you requested. You can find more information in this post:

Wow! I am so so grateful for your attention and efforts on this feature. We have added this feature to our daily workflow already, and it’s really smoothed out processes for us.
I do have one additional wondering relating to this item. I created a screen share Loom video to explain it.
Please let me know if I can clarify anything I mention in the video or provide any other information or feedback.

We appreciate you.


Curriculum Systems Manager

Hi @mandi. Thank you for this input. I created a ticket for this request. We will keep you updated through this channel.