Ability to filter 'Conditional linked record filtering fields'


Thanks for implementing a much needed (and missing in Airtable) feature of conditional linked record filtering.

I have been playing around with this in a form extension when trying to figure out how to limit the options that appear in the ‘fields that can be used for conditional filtering of linked records’ but it doesn’t seem like this is possible at this time. I also tried looking for the possibility of using a view to limit the options which appear in the field used for conditional filtering and it looks like this option also isn’t available.

It would be great if this could be added as to this amazing feature so that it’s usable for us - as not all of the field options should be visible to the user on the frontend. Thanks.


Hello @silisols. We appreciate your feedback. Could you kindly share with us the specific problem you are trying to solve? Providing a real-life example would greatly help us understand your needs better. Thank you!

Hi @Abdul

Sure thing. The following is an example of the setup.

  1. Table A has a list of records. Let’s say these are Product Categories.
  2. Table B has a list of Products with a product category field from Table A as a linked record field.
  3. The form extension is tied to Table C (let’s call this is a new orders table) which has the linked record field from Table B (selecting a product) and the lookup field from Table B (pulling in the product category from Table A) under ‘fields that can be used for conditional filtering of linked records’.

We are hoping to be able to drill down the products list when selecting the product categories using the ‘product category’ lookup field as the field that triggers the conditional filter, while limiting the product categories that are available for selection in the form extension. I hope that clarifies the scenario.

This is just one example but I can think of many more where the feature could be used this way.


Hi @silisols. Thank you for the additional input. I have created a ticket for this request. We will keep you updated through this channel.

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