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Hi folks,

I’m trying the work with the new chatgpt extention. While I realise this is in ‘beta’, I am currently unable to get the script to work in an automation. The automation runs and it says that it has “ran successfully” BUT nothing is entered to the destination cell.

I have no idea about scripting so I don’t know if anything is missing…? I can make this extension work from miniextensions in my browser but I cannot use the script successfully either through the scripting block OR in Airtable.

Any help is much appreciated!



Hi there, we apologize for this. The extension is not running in the script because while the extension was in beta we did not allow users to run it with a webhook (which the script uses).

I’m working with the team now to remove that restriction. We’ll update you soon.

We’ve removed the restriction from this extension. You should now be able to run the script.

Thanks for this - it is working well now.

Can I please check though - is it possible to have multiple chatgpt extensions for one base? I am trying to set two different ones at the moment but once I change the fields for the second one, this appears to overwrite the first.

Thanks again!

You can have multiple copies of the extension running. I recorded a quick video here to explain how: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

For running the script in Airtable, you’ll need to create multiple automations (one automation for each extension).

Nice one- thanks again!

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How can I change the token limit? I’m getting really short answers when compared with using ChatGTP via the OpenAi site

Hi Chris, we just responded to you through chat. We needed to add limits for the GPT extension because it is not possible for us to support this extension in an unlimited fashion. You can learn more about the limits here: What are the limits for the OpenAI GPT extension? | miniExtensions Help Center