Checkbox behaviour on Grid when made conditional in Form

Does anyone have any insight on this? I have a Grid in the Portal with a checkbox field. Users can click the checkbox directly on the form to change it (i.e., on/off). However, I want to make the ability to do that conditional on another field value in the record, i.e., I want to turn the capability off in some cases. If I make the field conditional in the child form (even though I don’t use the child form), then the checkbox on the Grid become uneditable for all records regardless of the condition that I specify. Alternatively, if I try to have a validation, it is just ignored when clicking the box on the Grid. Both ways work on the child form, but I don’t want to use the form, I want users to be able click directly in the Grid as it is much more convenient. The behaviour with regards conditionality feels like a bug in the Grid/Portal. The behaviour with regards validation feels like it is just not being used when doing a direct action on a checkbox in the Grid. Any ideas or help appreciated.

Hi Phililip, sorry for the late reply!

I will pass this information on to our engineering team now to investigate potential solutions to the issues you’re describing and will post an update here once I know more!

My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused!