Custom Sort in Record Finder

It would be really neat to be able to custom sort records in the record finder popup.

Use case: I have a short list of items to select from, but a few of them are very commonly selected. I would like to use a separate field to display them with the most common at the top (ie sort order)

Hi @jmiller. Thank you for your feedback. Setting the sort in the backend also affects the listing in the Record Finder modal. Shouldn’t this solve your use case?

In this case specifically, we want to sort by custom values for different selections from the same table. For example, we have two links to the same table. In the first we want sorted A-Z by name, in the second we want sorted 1-9 by a ‘sort value’ field. So changing the backend table will affect both lookups, while I would like to be able to control them individually.

With the old forms you could control this by view, but with the new forms that option does not exist (at this time).