Display Field Value When Form Loads

Is it possible to display the contents of a field when the form loads? I have a single line text field that gets populated by an automation on record creation and it’s set as read-only in the form.

There are also a couple of formula fields on the form, so I’m using Save and Continue. The value never displays in the form, but it’s visible in Airtable after the first Save.

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Hey Darryl,

thanks for reaching out to us!

I think the issue here is that the automation that fills out the text field gets triggered slightly after record creation, so by the time it gets filled, the Save & Continue feature would have already reloaded the form. The filled out value would appear the next time a save is triggered through Save & Continue. I hope this makes sense! You can try this by simply changing another field on the form, hitting save again (or waiting for auto save if you have that enabled) and then you should see that text field!

Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this!