Display Formula from Data entered in Form

Hi everyone.

I just stumbled upon the Form builder and am quite happy since it provides the exact functionality I was looking for.
However one critical thing does not seem to work. Logically it makes sense that it doesn’t but i wanted to ask if there maybe is a workaround.

What I’m generally trying to do is build a form that allows users to fill out a daily report.
for that I have a start, end & break field (duration) and a formula that calculates the hours worked.
Unfortunately this formula is not shown. Makes sense because the data has not submitted to airtable yet. However its critical for my next step that the user can see the hours worked. Is there any way to get this done?

Same goes for my next step: A user can generate “work done” items where he can choose an activity and add duration etc. In airtable, the “work done” Main field is a formula that looks up the name of the activity thats linked to it. Again in the form it is empty. I dont think there is any chance to get this to work, is it?

Maybe someone still has an idea… any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


This is possible. Here’s how: