Delay Formula Calculations in form

Hey there! So I have a sign-up form for a class, but I’m trying to set a limit on the class. I have a separate table which has all the class status and is updated through automations.

However, I need to prevent the form from being submitted if the combination of tags is a full class. To counter this, I used the formula calculating option to create a (temporary) record when the user wants to check the availability. The second the record is created, an automation runs which checks if the requested class is full, then adds a tick to the record. I then have a formula which outputs a custom message based off if it’s checked or not.

Here’s the issue, Airtable automations are slow. Despite me creating some custom code for this tick, and despite the fact that it claims the run time is 0.5 seconds, it still takes around 3-4 seconds for the automation to finish. By that time miniextensions considers the formulas calculated (~2 seconds after button is pressed) and therefore the availability status is wrong.

Is there any way to delay the formula calculation button by like 2-3 seconds to allow the automation to finish? Thanks in advance.

Hi! I’ll ask the team to look into the possibility of delaying the calculation time (maybe offer an option to set a custom duration), but I also wanna understand your use case some more.

What’s the registration form like? The “class” is a linked records field, right? Can’t you just run a validation condition against a rollup field to check if the class is full?

Also, why a “full class” is showing as an option in the first place? Shouldn’t you hide it by filtering out any class where students = 20?

Hey! At the moment classes are categorized by age group and dates, since they share the same dates, just different times. They’re simply tags that people can choose on the form

This is how my employer wants it to be, simple but working. Kinda in a rush, only have like a day left to finish this, 3 days to begin with. The “Full” class status was to make a public list of some sort to show what spots are still open, figured I’d try to build on that since it had already been done by some of the other employees.