Loading more data than usual. Thanks for your patience!

I’m seeing this message more and more often now. Forms are acting much slower than they used to, even with compute mode disabled.

did something change with how miniextensions interacts with Airtable data?



Thought it was just me. For what it’s worth, I’m seeing some slowness on the Airtable end as well. Would love to know if there’s anything going on.

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We run into this all the time - it feels like portals just keep getting slower and slower :confused:

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I have the exact same problem. The The forms load slower, and the actual user experience on the forms is also slower. For instance when I tick a box, there is a delay before the tick mark appears. This is very frustrating because we are using the form on our website for quote requests, and more customers are abandoning the form because it take forever to load. Please fix this ASAP otherwise we will have to move to something else.

Same issues here! We are receiving several complaints from users about this…

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I’ve been complaining to them about this for several weeks. It’s becoming unusable.

The issue is much more obvious during the day when there are evidently more people using the platform (at 4am this morning it was better).

I’ve had no estimate on timeframe for this so hopefully we might get an update here now it’s being talked about in the community.

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Hello, and thanks for your feedback. We already have an open ticket dedicated to enhancing the speed of our extensions, and I’ve included all your votes in it. Over the past few weeks, improving speed has been our primary focus, and our engineering team has implemented several changes to make this happen. We’ve just deployed another fix today related to this issue. We’re eager to hear your feedback on today’s performance.

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Hi Paulo, From my side I can see an improvement for sure. Thank you for your priority on this issue

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Definitely much better. Thanks for resolving!