Form filter by Email

Currently you can set forms to filter linked records by certain conditions. (Helpful). And you can also use some look ups to select within the form so the linked records are filtered by whatever you select from the lookup (Very Helpful).

What I am looking for is a way for the form to maintain the value set in the lookup field until I tell it to change.

Use Case.
We use the forms to receive inventory. Today I am receiving Cody’s inventory, but I also process inventory for Matthew, and John.
I know how to filter to only show Cody’s but I have to keep inputting that value each time when I submit the form.
How can I prefill that field so it will always populate with Cody until I change it?

Here is a pic of the area of my form I’m referring to.

Hi @CodyK. We have an existing ticket for this request, and I’ve added your vote to it to help prioritize the feature. We’ll keep you posted on any updates through this channel.

Hi @CodyK. We are delighted to inform you that we have released the feature you requested. You can find more information in this post: