Invoke an AirTable automation from a button on a row in a Grid in the Portal

I am looking for some advice as to whether (and if yes, how) it is possible to invoke an AirTable automation from a button field on a specific row in a Grid in a Portal. I can have the automation set up to respond to a webhook and I can see that in the Grid it is possible to specify that a button should do a webhook POST call but I can’t seem to get the connection to work, and I don’t see how to specify the URL for the webhook nor the details required to send the recordId. Has anyone done anything along these lines?

Hey again Phillip,

The webhook URL would be defined in the button field in Airtable itself. However in looking into this there does appear to be an underlying issue with this functionality. I have forwarded this to our engineering team to investigate and will keep you posted through this thread of any updates!

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused by this!