Pass airtable record id in webhook POST

I am trying to trigger a automation to fire whenever a form is filled out. Currently I am accomplishing this by using a prefilled field in the form and then triggering to look for records with this prefilled field in airtable and iterate through them one by one. This is kind of messy and may cause issues if there are multiple records.

Ideally, I would use the “Trigger a webhook after save” function on my form and then pass the airtable record id to to get that record. Is this possible?

Hello @saminformal. You can still achieve this by including the record ID as a query parameter in the webhook POST transaction. Simply use an Airtable field to create a formula that generates the webhook URL with the record ID.

Oh, interesting! Can you help me configure the formula here? I’m new to webhooks but it seems to be a good way to reduce usage cycles and automatically trigger automations versus waiting every X minutes to check for new ones.

On the formula field of the Airtable, it must have:
[Webhook URL] + “?key=” + record ID

You can change the word “key” by any parameter name that you want. The one that will receive this webhook call should be configured to catch this parameter.


Thanks! This works perfectly

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