Form Webhook: Record ID as Default URL Paramenter

We are excited to inform you that we have added the record ID as a default URL parameter in the webhook regardless if the webhook is from Airtable field or a static URL in the extension setting page. In this way, there will be an indicator of which record triggers the webhook.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we would love to hear any comments or suggestions you may have. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts by commenting below or contacting us via chat.


Hi Paulo

CAn it be possible to add some more information in the Webhook body? Like fields on the form itself. Examples: Name, email, phone, etc


Hi @ultimate1984,

Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide more information about your use case. A real-life example of the problem that you are trying to solve would be ideal.


A much needed feature and a first step in being able to send more data in the webhook body - a feature that I’ve previously requested. It would cut out having to transfer data via other means.

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Hi Paulo, I really think the screen shots and use case is well explained above and understandable. I don’t know what more to add here. It is a very common thing for webhooks to carry body information and headers. So it should not be a big thing to add the feature? At this stage the webhook can only be used as a trigger, and doesnt carry any usable information in my own automations actions like Zapier or Make for example.

Hi Silisols. Yes I agree, this should be a standard feature of any webhook to be able to carry body information in a Json format, just like the header inforation.

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I think it would be helpful to be more specific with the feature request, so I’ll try to break it down. I believe what people are asking for, which I would find useful as well, is to automatically send all the fields with their corresponding values from the form that has just been submitted as a body alongside the webhook. The webhook alone is great for text but not ideal for other data types. The use case is to save on extra steps of calling other external actions such as Make to get all the data that has just been submitted with an Airtable Get Record since we would usually only send the Record ID on the webhook URL parameters. Theoretically, you could send all the data through the webhook as a string with the help of an Airtable formula field, but this is obviously not ideal as not all systems would accept those strings and be able to convert them to the data type they’re supposed to represent, such as numbers, dates, arrays, or objects.


Thank you for your input. I will forward this information in the created ticket. We will keep you updated through this channel.

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Thank you for the thorough explanation Brian

Good day,
What is the progress on this feature? Because it doesnt help to have the Record Id as a url parameter if Airtable automation cannot use it. The only thing Airtable is looking at is the body of the url webhook. I cannot do anything with this type of webhook.

Hi @ultimate1984. Sorry for the delay in responding. The ticket is still open and I have made a follow up on it to see if the team can include this feature in our product roadmap. We will keep you posted through this channel if there is an update.

Hi Paulo, I just want to make a update, after playing around with the webhook, I did manage to get the Record ID to show in the payload when I use another automation solution outside of Airtable. I am not sure why Airtable cannot manage to get the record Id from the payload.

Hi @ultimate1984. Thank you for your input. We haven’t implemented this feature as the recordID is still populated as URL parameter. However, the team has decided to add this in our product roadmap. We will keep you updated on the progress of the ticket through this channel.

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Hi Paulo
Thank you for the feedback.
One very important aspect, and one that Airtable are not supporting is the fact that you cannot use the changed record fields in the History/comments tab in Airtable, which creates a big issue when you want to use the “changed records” data in your next steps of the automation.

I used Zoho forms before mini extensions, and one very nice feature was that it will send me an email of just the changed fields in a nice table format, that will compare the previous entry to the new one.

Example will be when a customer opens the edit form link and changes a queen bed from a quantity of 2 to a quantity of 3.

I know that the Airtable Webhook API can do this. Can you make this feature part of the webhook body?

Hello @ultimate1984, could you offer a practical example requiring this use case? What purpose would displaying the previous value serve? This information is crucial for formulating the feature request.

Hi Paulo.
So the purpose of this would be to compare two values of something.
In my industry for instance, a customer fills in an initial inventory form with the house items. Lets say for example they said they have 10 packed boxes. And two days before the furniture removal they need to update the amount of boxes, so I send them the edit form link and they change the amount of boxes to 20. So now I need to know what was the previous amount. which was 10. and now the new amount which is 20. This info is crucial as now the quote needs to be amended for the extra 10 boxes.