Limit on child forms - Starter plan

How can it be that I was able to create a form with a child form whilst on the free plan and now I have upgraded to Starter plan I can’t even make 1 form with a child plan… That doesn’t seem right, does it?

Hi there, this is a flaw in our current system. We will fix it in our next release (1-2 weeks). We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hi, Do you have any estimation on when this bug will be fixed? 2 weeks have passed, but I’m still not able to create a child form whilst I specifically ordered a starter plan to use this function so I can the form with people without an miniextension account. So I’m currently paying $48 a month without being able to use it…

Hi, we apologize for the delay. Our team is working on rolling out the release early next week.

Please note that this is not a bug. My original message was a bit confusing because it made it sound like this was a bug. The starter plan on our website doesn’t include support for child forms, but we are updating the starter plan on our upcoming release to include support for child forms.