Live Search Stopped Working?

I have noticed that recently the live search changed for linked records. The old behavior was that the list was searched as you started typing, but now you need to click the “search” button before the search is populated. Is this intentional behavior or an unexpected result of some other change?

The “live search” is incredibly useful in our use case, as it significantly speeds up form input.

Hi @jmiller. Though we already answered your question via chat, I will still be posting the answer here for reference of other people that might have the same concern. We made this change to avoid surpassing the Airtable API call limit and to boost the performance of our extension. Pressing the “ENTER” key should also activate the search function.

Thanks, Paulo.

This implementation makes sense.

I do see value in enhancing the user experience by “live searching” the data that seems to be preloaded into the form. It would feel more familiar to the user (as compared to other search fields), and would be great for situations where the selections are limited (fewer than 10). If the issue is that not all possible values are loaded, or that you still want to load more on “search”, you could display some text at the top of the list saying something to the effect of “results may be limited, press search to load more results”.