Make list/modal pop-up an option for mobile devices on list/side panel

I’m using a portal as a conference attendee app. For the next couple of months, users will be interacting with it on a laptop/desktop but during the actual event it will primarily be used on mobile devices. Several of the tables layout types are configured as list/side panel. It’s great on a laptop, but not optimal on phones.

It would be great if the mobile view for list/side panel was either default list/modal pop-up or if there was a mobile view option selection, similar to the way grid view types allow for list view for mobile devices.

If not, I can reset the list/side panel layout types as list/modal pop-up before the conference date to make it more mobile friendly but it would be nice to still preserve the list/side panel layout type if possible.

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Hello, thank you for sharing your feedback! I will forward this to our development team to see if it can be implemented. While we cannot provide a specific timeline for when this might be available, please know that we take customer feedback seriously and aim to continually improve our product.

We appreciate your input and will keep you informed on any updates. If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to share it with us.