Multiple Series in Charts

Please add the ability to add multiple series to charts and chart types that would leverage them; such as stacked (example: visualize different categories that make up a total) and side-by-side bars (example: comparing actual to goal).

Hi Darryl,

Thank you for this suggestion! I will forward this to our engineering team for consideration for a future release. I will post a reply in this thread when this gets implemented!

We appreciate your input!

I do have one follow-up question @darryl.oliver : are you referring to the standalone Embed Charts from Airtable Data extension, or the chart view in a Portal or Shared View?

I was referring to the miniExtensions extension, but if you can modify Airtable’s extension, that would be great too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, I think I didn’t explain myself properly. I was wondering which miniExtension you’re referring to, since we have three that can display charts: Embed Charts from Airtable Data, Portal, Shared View. Which of these three miniExtensions would you like to see more chart types and series support added to?

This one:

Thank you for clarifying this! I have already forwarded this request to our engineers.

Thank you again for your suggestion. I will post another update on this thread when this gets implemented!