Open Redirect URL in New Window


I am trying to find a way for the Redirect URL from a form extension to open in a new window. Our setup is as follows:

  1. We have a portal menu item which is a webpage embedded within the portal (the portal is embedded on a website).
  2. On that embedded webpage is the said form extension embedded within it.
  3. On submission of this form, the user is redirected to another webpage URL (according to the form extension’s settings) which opens within the portal without any issues.
  4. This final webpage contains a link to a payment gateway which the user needs to click on to proceed to checkout.

Unfortunately, the payment gateway URL is not opening within the account portal - it looks like it needs to open in a new tab for it to work. I have tried every which way possible to open the redirected URL in a new tab, including adding various “target” attributes to the URL on the embedded webpage and nothing seems to work - it simply isn’t opening in a new tab.

I assume this is because within the form extension’s settings, “Embedded Form Redirect Type” (set to “Replace top window”) is limiting the opening of the URL in a new tab - we have tried both options. I am wondering if this problem could be solved with a third option in the form extension’s settings to redirect the user to the redirect URL in a new tab.

I know there is the option to set portal menu item (in point 1 above) to open “Open in a new tab”. However this is a security issue because the form has the user’s record ID prepended to the URL and there is potential for abuse of the form.

Does anyone know of any other way to open the redirect URL (point 3) in a new tab according to the scenario above?


Hi @silisols. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. At the moment, the workaround for this issue is to avoid embedding the form into the portal. Our team is aware of this limitation and has created a ticket to address it. We will provide updates on the progress of this ticket through this channel. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, please let us know.

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Hi @Abdul,

We have managed a workaround where we have setup a separate custom menu item to open in a new tab for point 3 for certain users. Took a bit of headbanging but we got there eventually. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing this probably isn’t something that is fixable anytime soon due to cross-site scripting vunerabilities with checkout pages. Thanks for your reply. :+1:


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Hi @silisols. We are delighted to inform you that we have recently released some changes where “Replace top window” should work for the form that is embedded in the portal.

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