Portal & Form: Ability to select a Theme

Forms and portals can now be styled with a theme:

You can find the settings here:

Note: the background option is only supported on the form. If you need it on the portal, please let us know.

would love this feature for portals!

It would be cool to take it to another level and allow custom css.

I’ve added a ticket for the team to add the background color option for the portal.

In terms of custom CSS, I’ve historically been hesitant about custom CSS because I worry that it would result in a situation where changes to our CSS’ structure starts breaking people’s forms and portal. What’s your goal with custom CSS? What things would you style? I’m trying to see if maybe there’s a different styling approach that could work as well.

We just added background color support to the portal as well:

You could add an option to set a custom hex color for branding purposes.

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I agree that there is a risk when structural changes can be made. However, limited basic formatting such as font formatting(including sizing), and colors of any/all elements would be highly desirable.

Perhaps a default MiniExtensions CSS sheet and a custom CSS sheet could be added where the limits can be determined.

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