Portal & Form: Airtable Comments for child forms

You can now enable Airtable comments for child forms on both the form and portal!

Here’s what the feature looks like:

These comments are using the Airtable integration. When a person posts a comment on miniExtensions, you’ll see it in Airtable, and they’ll be able to see comments posted on Airtable in miniExtensions.

You can enable this feature here:

If you have any feedback about this, please post it below or reach out to us in chat!

Is there a way to identify the comment by the user who posted it?

For a first step towards this, I just created a ticket for our team to prefix the comments with the primary value of the user’s record that’s logged into the portal. The goal is to have the comment be something like “Name: comment text here”.

Please let me know if that is not sufficient for identifying users for now. We can always add more advanced functionality later.

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Hey Abdul – how is the name being pulled right now? I just did a test and can’t figure out which field(s) the name is being pulled from. Thanks!

The name is currently the name of the Airtable account that is integrated with miniExtensions, since by default when a comment is posted using Airtable’s API it is posted by the account that was integrated.

Thanks for letting me know! For our use-case this wouldn’t work for us unfortunately since we have many different user accounts who would be leaving comments.

We plan on releasing a way to identify who posted the comments within the next 2 weeks.

Thanks Abdul - This is awesome! Thanks mini extension team for this comments feature . :revolving_hearts:

Identifying users that commented - options / suggestions

  1. We can auto identify the name of the user logged in to the portal
  2. Or better still - choose a field in ( users table ) to which the name would be pulled from
  3. Option to be able to manually input name whenever a comment is left
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We just released a change to show the value of the first login field in the comment. Because these comments are posted with the Airtable API, we are not able to control the name of the poster, since that name is that of the Airtable account that was used to integrate with miniExtensions.

Here’s what the new feature looks like:

If you have any feedback about this, please let us know below!

Hey Abdul - awesome!! Do you know if there is any way to trigger actions or create views based on comment activity? The use case is sending an email notification to users whenever there is a new comment

I think it’s probably possible with Airtable’s API. Would the email be based on an email field in the user’s table?

Yep! That would be great

I’ve created a ticket for this. Please note that this will not be a feature that we are able to ship quickly. We will post here when we have updates.

Hi Mini Extensions Team! Thank you for the awesome improvement for the comments module with the ability to read the user first login field.

One request is that the Airtable Account name may confuse users - will there be a possibility to have a logic to the Name Dynamically?

  • If comment is posted in mini ext portal ( or by the connected airtable account/self) = show the mini ext login value

  • If the comment is posted in airtable / by a airtable user ( not the connected airtable account/self ) = show airtable account.

Thanks ! - if the above would be difficult to dev, can we have an option to hide the Connected Airtable account name / label in every comment? ( and just show the portal first login value instead ) :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback! We’ve just released what you suggested. We now automatically display the commenter’s name and remove it from the comment’s prefix if it matches the logged-in user’s value.

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Wow!! @Abdul - :exploding_head:That was super fast :raised_hands::raised_hands:

:white_check_mark: :dizzy:It looks soooo much better now especially when it shows the portal users in bold. this is so powerful, now it seems like a native portal commenting system.

It looks good on airtable too. very clear !

Just one more small thing - hope u can work some conditional magic for the labels

:x:Problem. When Logged in as example ( user 2 ) - I see my fellow portal user’s comments still showing the airtable header. - if this label could be shown to reflect as rightfully ( user 3 ) that would be awesome. - feel free to let me know if u can replicate this. :grin:

if there is a solution for this - then all is perfect

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Swapping the names across all users with the current approach would be difficult. Another approach would be to change the format of the prefix. For example, instead of “Abdul:”, we could do “@[Abdul]:”

With that new prefix, we’d be able to easily parse it and swap the names. Any concerns about changing the prefix of the comment?

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Hi Abdul ! - Do you mean displaying the prefix like this?

:+1:If this is the workaround I personally think it doesn’t affect at all to have it in a format so that in can be parsed easily… :pray:

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Other thoughts: Ability to select which airtable field to use as commentor’s name

Also thinking out loud - would it make sense for the ability to select which airtable field to use ( from the user’s table ) that we want to use as default display in a portal as the user’s the comment name?

[ since sometimes , taking the first field automatically may show an email/or phone number - which is too long or not relevant ]

hope this makes sense :hugs:

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Noted for both. Thank you for your feedback! We’ll post here when we have updates on this.

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