Portal Gallery Layout | Ability to adjust card width or set number of card columns

Hi Team,

The old gallery view was flexible as we can set the Card Width - to show the amount of cards. It was a brilliant design, and the cards worked flawlessly responsive in any window size.

Could we have this option or similar for the gallery layout in portal?
Use case is that we can show more cards or even just a single card, this is a great alternative to a list view, where more screen space is needed if a card has more to display on it.


Thank you for your feedback! I just created a ticket for this. We’ll post here when we have any updates.

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I’ve discussed this with the team.

We plan on adding the ability to select how many cards are shown per row. You’ll also have some control over the container’s width to be able to do similar things to what you showed in your screenshot.

I’ll post here if we have any additional updates.


I would also like this functionality that we used in our old extensions. - Any updates on when this is likely to be available?

Apologies for the delay. We just released the feature: Portal: Ability set number of cards per row in the gallery