Portal Gallery Cards

I’m managing about 200 volunteers, and we allow them to update their contact info via a portal where the only linked record is theirs. If I use the option to display a single card per row, there is a lot of real estate not being used because the fields are displayed vertically. I’d like to show all the data on the card, so they can check to see if anything needs updating before clicking through to their record.

Would it be possible to create a column break on the cards so some of the fields would flow to the next column instead of going down the page? I envision the functionality for configuring the columns as similar to the way form sections or side-by-side fields currently work.

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Hi @darryl.oliver. We have taken note of your request and created a ticket to evaluate the possibility of including it in our product roadmap. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of any updates regarding this through this channel. Thank you for your valuable feedback!