When selecting a Custom View from Airtable, the item should show the Airtable view's name

When in a, Portal > Table > Custom views and I create a custom view, and select “Use Airtable view” - the item which is then shown to me in the building view should have the Airtable view title too.

Currently it just says, “Custom View 1” or something else generic. That can get confusing if you’ve set the correct view.

CleanShot 2024-01-05 at 14.15.01

Thanks !

Hi @dancourse. Make sure that you set the View Label as Use Airtable View.

Selecting an Airtable View should make it use the Airtable View label.

If it is set to Set a custom label and the value is blank, it will also use the default “Custom View 1”

I’m not sure why I thought that wasn’t working, thank you for your help.

No worries. Please let me know if you have further question.