Ability to create the structure of a form according to a specific view

It would be very useful if we could structure the form (including portals) according to a view that already exists in the airtable base.

Hi @amanda.teodoro. We would need more information about this request. Can you provide a real-life example of the problem that you are trying to resolve?

Hi @Abdul !

It’s not a problem, just a suggestion for improvement. My idea would be that, when creating a standalone form or a form in a portal, you would have the option to organize the fields according to the way they are organized in some specific airtable view.

I have table A in the airtable which has 3 views, X, Y and Z.
I want to create a form inside a portal, referring to table A.
Then, when creating this form, I am given the possibility of structuring/organizing it according to one of the views (X, Y or Z).

Hi @amanda.teodoro. Could you please provide more details about what you mean by “organizing”? It’s important to note that we have limited access to field settings in Airtable. Are you referring to the display of fields and their order in the Airtable view?

Hi @Abdul!

Yes! I was referring to the display of fields and their order in the Airtable view.

Is this not possible?

Thank you for providing further details. We will need to consult with our engineers to determine if it is possible to accommodate this request. I have created a ticket for your inquiry, and we will keep you informed of any updates through this channel. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

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Hi @amanda.teodoro. We are delighted to inform you that we have released the feature that is related to the one that you requested. You can find more information in this post:

Thank you for your feedback and please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with.