Allow Access to Form Based on Airtable Field

Please include a feature to only allow access to a form based on the user matching certain options in an Airtable field. This would be handy if we want only paying customers to create a new record.

Also, the option to display an alternative message which can be edited with HTML, e.g. to re-direct them to the payment page.

We have a feature that can restrict access to the form or portal depending on an Airtable field. You can check this article for more information: How to remove a user’s access to a form or portal?

Regarding the alternative message, you can customize the success message, but it is important to note that the formatting of the message will be limited to the formatting available in the editor.

If this is not what you had in mind, please provide us with more information about your specific use case. Providing a screenshot would be particularly helpful.

Hi @Abdul

Thanks for the reply. The article states that the feature is available when the form is setup with a login. The screenshot you have provided is for a success message after submitting the form which doesn’t apply to the request which is about re-directing them if they do not have access to the form.

In our scenario, the form (created using the form extension) is a link within the portal menu. The user is already required to log in to the portal and it would not be a good user experience for them to have to login again to access the form (which is embedded in the portal) after already logging in to the portal.

The portal allows the user to view and edit their records, and the form above allows them to create new records. We want users who have a certain setting in an Airtable field to access the form which creates new records.

I realise I can simply set all of the fields to conditionally show based on the Airtable field but when you have 50 fields in the form with that number more than doubling in the future, it is counterintuitive. The simpler and better option would be for the user to access the form according to the setting in an Airtable field.

I hope that is a bit clearer.


Thank you for providing additional information about your use case. I recommend creating a Formula field in Airtable that generates the form URL for the menu items.

The formula field will now determine whether to display the form for creating a record or the URL for editing a record.

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It might work. Let me have a play around with it.

Thanks for the suggestion @Abdul. This will work.


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