Dynamic portal form prefilling

It is now possible to prefill forms only with a static text (?prefill_Name=John), which severely restricts usefulness of this feature (it seem to be possible to do so for child forms). Much like in any other place, an Airtable field alternative would be handy to make use of the specific attributes of the record. E.g. when using conditional filtering within a portal form for editing records, I need to prefill the filter field with an attribute of the record, rather than a fixed value applicable to all records.



Hi @dstastny. It should be possible to dynamically prefill a child form in the portal. However this is only applicable for creating new records.

Thanks, correct. I need this for editing though. I understand profiling forms for existing recording (when editing) may make little (or limited) sense at first glance, but the whole conditional filtering of linked records is based on form prefilling, and thus unavailable without it.

@dstastny That makes sense. I have created a ticket for this concern. We will keep you updated through this channel.