Form: Login to different table

It would be useful if users could login to a different table (ideally even in another base) that the records they are creating / editing.

For example a user logs in with their username and password to the ‘Users’ table, but and then uses the form to create a new item in another table linked back to their record / email.

Hi @Adam. This can still be achieved using the current features of the form. However, you have to utilize the linked records field.

Another option is to use our portal.

Hi @Abdul, and thanks for your response!

I’ve reviewed the linked records and client portal options, but I don’t think these quite meet what we’re looking for. I think both of these options lets them see all the associated linked records: whereas we just want them to be able to add one. Additionally, the entire form would be adding this linked record and it’s clunky to have this in a pop-up.

Are there any other workarounds that might let us achieve this? One we’re considering is creating the record first with some unique key, then ‘logging them in’ to edit this record.