Cann't update records using Client Portal

Hello community,

I’m using the Client Portal for Airtable Extension. From the Portal, I was able to create and update records in different tables in Airtable, but now when I try to use the portal to update a record, I get the following message: “Not authorized to update this record”

I noticed that miniextensions read from Airtable because if I made an update in Airtable, I see it in the Client Portal. I updated the API Key but I still have the same problem.

Any ideas?

Sorry that you’re having an issue. Have you created a support ticket for this? Our engineering team would need more details to troubleshoot it. Please click “Report a Problem” and fill out the required information. We will investigate it as soon as possible!

Yup, I’m also having this issue when trying to edit a newly added linked item with child forms. Strangely enough, if the user has pressed the compute button or I link the item manually through Airtable, editing with the child form works fine. I have also noticed that this is only an issue with form edit. In my case, when creating a new record with a form, the problem doesn’t seem to exist.

Hi, I have an update.

The extension is connected to a table named Customer Portal. Within this table, there are lookup fields and linked fields that connect to other tables. The problem seems to be occurring with the fields that originate from a Lookup field. I am unsure as to why it was functional previously but not currently.

As a solution, I’m creating new fields from linked tables to replace the lookup fields and adding some automations.


Hi. We have recently released some changes that will only allow portal users when login is enabled and the portal table is showing only personal records. The new validation will only allow users to edit records that they are linked to at the time of the submission. Here is an article about this error: Error "Not authorized to update this record." | miniExtensions for Airtable

It is possible to unlink records in Airtable while the portal is open. We are preventing editing of the unlinked record. Please submit a report if there is a problem.