Editable Lookup Fields

One of the biggest limitations of Airtable is that you are unable to edit a lookup field. It makes complete sense why this would be the case. However… It would be really nice if, in miniextensions, you could unmark a lookup as “Read Only” and edit it directly, modifying the underlying record. This would allow special forms composed of fields from different entities, and would be extremely powerful.

I can see that it would be tricky in the situation where multiple records are linked. I would maybe restrict it to 1:1 linked record relationships until a good UI could be thought up for how to do multiples.

Hi, I don’t know if you have the same need as I do, but if you do, I potentially have another solution to the problem. In my case, I was also considering a request to be able to edit the lookup table because I have a linked record field in a form which I want to edit quickly without having to open the child form and wait for it to load. But instead of editing the lookup field, I thought why don’t miniExtension just bring back the old mini extension where we could do inline editing for all editable fields beyond checkbox in the grid portal. Instead of limiting the functionality only on the grid portal, it is instead implemented on linked table field on form with all the different view option grid, gallery, list. That way, we could quickly edit linked records on forms quicker if we don’t require any form validation or sending of webhook if we only need to edit the field. Here’s what it might look like for editing numbers. Obviously, it would be great if we could also choose single select, multiple select, or even link to other records from inline editing, but editing numbers would be a good start.
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I am trying to find a solution for my clients who have typically 20-50 records they need to update the shipping status for. Doing this via CSV would be great, multiple select + apply status in bulk would also be great, but inline editing would be a good first step in that direction!