True in-line editing on Grid in Portal

Hi, I am relatively new to MiniExtensions and to this community, but I have built a portal for my sporting group game and score management. One thing that is highly inconvenient as it stands is the in-line editing on the Grid, where, for example, when updating players scores, instead of just entering a number in the required field on the grid (much like a spreadsheet), it is necessary to click on the pencil item, wait for a form to load, update the number on the form and then submit the form. Is there a plan for true in-line editing on the Grid where a single simple field (text, number, etc) can be updated quickly without requiring a modal form to be opened (I note that for checkbox fields, it already works that way) ?

Hi Phillip!

Welcome to the forum and to miniExtensions!

I’m glad that this is your first post here, because I can report that we are bringing proper in-line editing to the Portal very soon! Unfortunately, I cannot give you a firm date on this just yet, but I will post an update here once this becomes available.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us through the chat icon in the bottom right corner if you have any questions or require assistance with anything! Our chatbot can answer most basic questions, but you can always ask to speak to a person and we’d be happy to help!



Thanks for the prompt response and information Hannes. I am very keen to get this feature… let me know if you want any beta testing :grinning:

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