Multiple versions of same Form with different views


I was hoping to duplicate one of my Portal Forms, but have it display in a different view i.e. have a Grid view of a Form, but then also have a Gallery View of the SAME Form. Just two different ways of looking at the same information held on Airtable, our customers can decide which suits them best.

I went to duplicate my Form and realised that the Airtable form was already selected and being used, so I couldn’t replicate it.

On a similar note, if there was an option to just have a Custom View in the same Form, but hide some of the Fields to be able to display a more basic Form, that could work as well, although you would have the same original Grid/Line/Gallery view.

Thank you for your feedback! I’ve created a ticket for the ability to set different layouts across custom views. We’ll post here when we have updates on this.