Multiple versions of same Form with different views


I was hoping to duplicate one of my Portal Forms, but have it display in a different view i.e. have a Grid view of a Form, but then also have a Gallery View of the SAME Form. Just two different ways of looking at the same information held on Airtable, our customers can decide which suits them best.

I went to duplicate my Form and realised that the Airtable form was already selected and being used, so I couldn’t replicate it.

On a similar note, if there was an option to just have a Custom View in the same Form, but hide some of the Fields to be able to display a more basic Form, that could work as well, although you would have the same original Grid/Line/Gallery view.

Thank you for your feedback! I’ve created a ticket for the ability to set different layouts across custom views. We’ll post here when we have updates on this.

Hi @ Albie_on_tour We are delighted to announce the release of a new feature that addresses your request to display various layouts such as Grid, List, Gallery, etc., within a custom view. This feature not only allows you to showcase different layouts but also provides the flexibility to customize the fields within each layout. We hope this fulfills your requirements. For more information about this feature, please visit: How to set a customized layout & fields for each custom view?

Please share your feedback with us once you’ve tried it; we would be happy to hear your comments.

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