When was the 5 Hour Run Time Limit for All Extensions Imposed?

Hello -

I have been using miniextensions since July of 2022. Yesterday, all of my extensions stopped working due a new (to me) error “Limit per day has been reached.” Even after modifying all of my extensions, I hit the limit again today within a few hours.

When was this imposed? Is anyone else affected by this change? This rate limit essentially has broken every tool I have built and I need to find a solution quickly or my job is on the line.

Hi there, this limit has been in place since the beginning of miniExtensions. This is a hard limit that exists on all accounts for all plans. The only workaround here is to create a new account and split your usage between the two.

Adbul, I have been running the same extensions for 2+ years without any change in data throughput for the last 6 months. And now everything is halted. I have never been rate limited before? Could it be that grandfathered accounts did not have the 5hour run limit?

We have not changed anything on our side for this limit for years. This is not a recent change. The limit is now getting hit because the total runtime of your extensions is now exceeding that limit, when previously it was not.

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