Ability for records already linked to ignore filters

I am creating a booking system for my organization, so that guests can schedule hour long time slots to use our equipment. I am making a form that allows them to edit their booking. My goal was for them to be able to remove slots that they already booked, and add slots that aren’t booked by anybody. However, I’m noticing there’s no way for me to filter out “booked” slots, that doesn’t also filter out the booked slots that are linked to the booking they are editing.

When not filtering out any booked slots, they can double book slots, but booked slots that are linked to the booking show up, and can be removed.

But when I do filter out booked slots, they can’t double book slots, but booked slots linked to the booking don’t show up, and therefore can’t be removed.

I have found a way around this that would work, except there’s no way for me to make it dynamic to each individual record that’s being edited. If I make a condition group that filters out booked slots, except if the slot is linked to the record being edited, it works! The linked booked slots show up, but unlinked booked slots don’t.

Image illustrating what I mean:
EDIT: the image was small (tried to upload it as multiple smaller images but I can’t because my account is new) so here’s a link instead.

So the feature I’m requesting would be the ability to dynamically grab info from the record being updated with the form to use as values in the filters. That way, I could have it put the name field in where I typed in the specific name of one record.


A feature that lets records that are already linked to the record being edited to ignore filters, so that in my second example where I filtered out booked slots, the ones already linked would show up anyways.

I have no idea if either of those options would be feasible for you to make, but I’d love to know whether or not you’ll consider them!

Hello, @MakerAntoinette. Welcome to miniExtensions forum.

Your feedback has been noted, and a ticket has been created for your request. We will provide updates on the progress through this channel. Thank you for reaching out!

Hi @MakerAntoinette. We are delighted to inform you that we have released the feature you requested. You can find more information in this post: