Address autocomplete: forcing valid location, and getting coordinates

It’s possible to add Google Maps autocomplete to a form: Form/Portal: Address autocomplete for single line text fields

However, users can write whatever they want in the field. I.e. they can ignore the autocomplete and write ‘blah blah blah’. Additionally, even if they do select a valid value it might be ambiguous or in a different language. This then makes it hard to trust and use the data later.

Ideally, I’d want two options:

  • force any input to be a valid Google autocomplete place (or nothing at all)
  • get back the coordinates, or at least the Google place id (rather than the name of the place)

Hi Adam, thank you for sharing your feedback! I’ve forwarded your request to the team, and we’ll explore the possibility of adding this feature to our product roadmap. I will let you know if there are any updates on this ticket in the future.