Capturing "pre-update" data

Good afternoon ME community,

I’ve been noodling on a problem and I wondered if anyone in the community has solved it already?

When a user updates an Airtable (AT) record through a MiniExtensions (ME) Client portal / ME form, do you know of “pre-update hook” or action I could programatically use?

Basically, I’d like to capture/utilise the data in an AT record (for logging and analysis), before it’s updated, however, the UPDATE action in Airtable only fires after the data has been written which loses the previous data.


  1. User updates a ME Form and presses Save
  2. ME calls the pre-update hook (which would be some code), awaits response (maybe shows message, “Working on it”)
  3. On success, ME continues and updates the record in AT

Yes, this comes with some risk, but presently I’ve got various other workarounds for maintaining the data before it’s updated, but they’re a little messy. A “pre-update” action or hook would smarten the whole thing up.

Thanks in advance,

Best, DanC

Hi @dancourse. Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide more context about your use case. A real-life example of the problem that you are trying to solve would be ideal.

Thanks for your response, I want to send an email about what the data was before and what the data is now.

i.e., Date of event updated from “19/07/2023” to “21/07/2023”

So, could ME (mini extensions) somehow keep a record of all data before the change?

Hi @dancourse. I would like to let you know that a ticket for the feature that you requested has already been created. We will keep you updated through this channel.

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