Create a new record (non-lookup) with login value on the form

Hi there, this is one of the features that existed in the old MiniExtension form where there was an option to have a login screen and have it create a record with the login value linked to the record itself instead of the current implementation of lookup. Although there is an option to create a new record if a record does not exist, it would only happen if there was no record in the first place, which wouldn’t work in my case as the user already has past records associated with their user record. I had actually requested this before this forum existed via email, but I figured it might have been deprioritized when the forum was released and the requests had been piling up.

Hi @briansport13. Thank you for your feedback. We already have an existing ticket for this request, and I’ve made sure to include your vote in the ticket. We will keep you updated on any developments through this channel.

To better address your concern, could you please provide more details about the specific problem you are trying to solve? This will help us provide a more comprehensive solution and ensure that it is properly documented in the ticket.

Yes, basically, it’s for cashiers to create new transactions in the POS App, where they would create new order records based on their login values; in this case, their names, so that the order records are linked to the cashier user table record.

Hi @briansport13. We appreciate you sharing this information with us. I have included it in the existing ticket for further review. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of any updates through this channel. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.