Create read-only fields based upon conditional logic

I’m creating a form with several sections & multiple users completing the form. I’d like some fields to be read-only if a box is filled and I would like the fields to be editable if the box is empty.

Hello, @swfield. Thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate it. The current conditional field feature should already cater to this requirement, but instead of setting a field to read-only, it allows for the hiding and showing of fields based on set conditions. If you can provide a real-life example of the specific issue you are trying to address, it will be helpful for us to understand your needs better and explore any potential enhancements.

Hi, as far as I understand, the current conditional field does not allow me to do this.

I am converting a PDF evaluation into a mini Extensions form. There are 3 stages to the evaluation and 3 users need to complete certain fields at each stage. Rather than create and maintain 9 different forms (1 for each stage per user), I would like to create 3 (just 1 per user).

For each stage of the form, there is a required comment field for each user to complete. The comments from previous stages will inform the user’s comments on the next stage of the form, so the previous field needs to be visible, but not editable because users should not be able to edit their answers from a previous stage.

The hiding and showing of fields would ensure that users don’t edit fields from a previous stage, but it would not allow the user to see their previous answers.

Do you see a solution?

In my first comment, I should have clarified this sentence “I’d like some fields to be read-only if a box is filled and I would the fields to be editable if the box is empty.” I need those fields to always show in the form and depending upon conditions I need those same fields to be read-only or editable.

Hello @swfield. Many thanks for sharing this valuable information. We’ve generated a ticket to address your request, and we’ll ensure to keep you informed of any progress through this communication channel.

In case anyone is following this thread, this is the workaround I developed:

There’s a set of fields, let’s call them ‘set A’, that I need to show in the form regardless of conditions.

Depending upon the values of other fields, I need set A to be read only or editable. I created formula fields that are set up to display the text of the fields in set A.

Now, I’m leveraging the show/hide field feature to show the formula field when set A needs to be read only and I’m showing the original set A field when it needs to be editable.

This workaround is very tedious as I needed to create dozens of formula fields to copy the various fields in set A and now I have to create all of the conditional logic, but it’s working in the meantime.

Hello @swfield. We appreciate you sharing this workaround. Rest assured, we’ll provide updates on the ticket’s progress as soon as possible. Thank you for your valuable input!

@swfield good workaround - thanks for sharing.

@Abdul it would still be great to have this feature - conditional editing for specific fields would be really powerful and this workaround doesn’t work well if any fields are rich long text fields as formulae field won’t display the formatting.

Hi @willh. Rest assured that we will keep you updated through this channel.

@swfield, thank you for sharing the tip, i was about to open a ticket asking for this type of feature!
@Abdul, this would be very useful :slight_smile:


Hey @caique , I will make sure to keep everybody updated on the progress of this feature request in this thread.

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