Custom View for Grid - Today's Date not working


I have some Custom Views on my Grid Portal page. I have a variety of Trips operating at different dates and on Airtable I use filters to restrict the view to what is currently running. I only just noticed that on miniExtensions, you can select the On of After/On or before option, but then for the date it has a calendar view, no Today’s date that is always currently today’s date. I selected today’s date when I set it up, then realised it is still on today’s date… weeks later, which clearly isn’t today’s date given it was 3 week old. Not sure if I’m being stupid and not set it up properly, but maybe part of this feature is missing/not set up correctly?!

Hi @Albie_on_tour. The “Today’s Date” option in the calendar picker allows you to select the current date and time at the moment you click it. Please note that the values you can set in the condition are static and do not dynamically update based on the current date and time.

Ok - sorry, I wasn’t aware it is not dynamic like on Airtable. I don’t suppose that feature could be added in the future?

Thanks Paulo.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have taken note of your request and have created a ticket to evaluate the possibility of including it in our product roadmap. We will keep you updated on any progress regarding this matter.