Dates showing wrong on Grid view after daylight savings

I have an issue with dates not displaying correctly on miniExtensions Portal. I have several thousand records from 1st Jan to 31st Dec, they all display correctly in Airtable, but on the Portal, after daylight savings starts on 31st March, the dates on the Portal are all OUT by one day, as in moved a day earlier! This is not good obviously, the dates are very important.

I have temporarily added the time onto the field in Airtable, this seems to have fixed the display issue on the Portal - they now display correctly, but have the time beside them which is confusing and unnecessary.

Any way of fixing this please?

Hi @Albie_on_tour. We are sorry for the issue that you can currently experiencing. Can you send a bug report through chat support? We will need more information about this to investigate further.

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Thanks Paulo, will send a report.

Hi @Abdul - how can I follow up on a bug report I logged via the website? Haven’t had a response…

Hello @Albie_on_tour, I’ve reviewed the bug report, and we’ve responded, requesting additional information. According to your bug report, the date field in question is a lookup field. Could you please compare the values in the source field with those in the lookup field? It seems probable that the timezone in the lookup field has been modified in comparison with the source field. In such a scenario, our extension can only display the precise value from the source field.

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Ok, I’ll investigate further. Yes, there is an emailed sync table on Airtable, this then links to a different Airtable to show various fields, two of which are these date fields.