Set Date Format and Time Zone

Today, when submitting a form that has a date field, you must make sure to use the American standard: mm-dd-mm-yyyy (if you type the date instead of selecting directly from the calendar)

However, it would be nice if the portal/form creators had the possibility to set the date standard - for example dd-mm-yyyy - and also the time zone.


Hello, @amanda.teodoro. To have the dd-mm-yyyy format in your form, you need to use the European format in the Airtable. Same goes for the time zone setup. We have a step-by-step guide that will help you change the date format in Airtable. You can check it out here: Step-by-step changing of the date format in Airtable

Hi, @Abdul!

Does this work only in the European format?

I ask this because sometimes, depending on the time of day you submit the form, the day is automatically set as the next day. This happens because we are from Brazil (GMT-3).

Because of this, we have set Airtable’s date format to “Local”:

Print - Date Format - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Note: it would also be very nice if we could set the language to Portuguese.

Hi @amanda.teodoro. The date format is independent setup from time zone. Let’s discuss about the issue that you encounter. Are you using this feature?

Hi @Abdul! No, we are not using this feature. We put the date as a required field instead.

So for example, you set 01/05/2023 for the date field and upon checking in Airtable, it shows up as 02/05/2023. You are in GMT-3 timezone as you mention. I assume that the date field in Airtable is using America/Sao_Paulo time zone based on your screenshot. Can you confirm?

Hi @Abdul!

I changed all my fields in Airtable to the same time zone and it seems that the problem was solved.

So, would it be possible to just provide the possibility to adjust the language of the forms/portals to Portuguese?


At the moment, this is not possible. A ticket has been created after you have sent your first request. We will keep you updated with on the progress.

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Are there some updates? I have the same need as Amanda.