Customize what appears on linked records

Hi I was wondering if there’s any update on this feature request?

We apologize for the delay. Your request is coming up on our list. We will try to get it done within the next 1-2 weeks.

Hi @JamieZ and @briansport13. We are delighted to inform you that the Stripe Integration extension is now available. You can find more information about feature this post:

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Hi @Abdul Nice. the styling for the field types looks alot better now! especially thanks for making the select fields into pills :+1:

One request too if you missed out is to style the link records fields globally as tags/boxes (similar to airtable/interface) I feel it looks nicer instead of comma separated values :slightly_smiling_face:

Is your request only about the blue-pill style, or also about being able to click on those records to open them?

Hi Abdul💖,

Good Question!! - hmmm. I think for now just the styling, so it looks a tad nicer in pills ( similar to airtable style ) instead of comma separated values…

hmm I think if it opens in a new link, there may be too much going on for the UI. - what are your thoughts hmmm :thinking:

Sounds like we should start with making them look like Airtable. I’ll update our existing ticket with this information. Thank you for your feedback! We’ll post here when we have updates.

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