Customize what appears on linked records

When looking up linked records it defaults to the first three columns of the linked table. I’d like to choose which pieces of information are visible on these linked records

Are you referring to the portal or the form?

On the portal, you can set the fields using the following:

That’s not currently possible on the form. Would you like to be able to set those fields on the form?

I use this workaround where I would use conditional field to the fields I want to be shown on the form (A,B,C for example) but set the condition to always be true so that the field would always show (e.g primary field is not empty), because I found that once you set a field to be conditional the field would not be shown on the search linked record regardless whether the condition is true or not, but since the condition you set it to would always be true it would always show on the form. Then have a formula field that shows all the fields you want to show on the linked record search (Formula A,Formula B,Formula C) that is hidden with blank space section header. A lil bit complicated but it was important for me to be able to customize the 3 fields that is going to show up on the search field so that’s the solution that I came up with.

My explanation might not be perfect so if you got any questions about it feel free to ask again!

Yeah it would be great to have this ability on forms

Noted. I’ve added a ticket for this. We’ll try to get this implemented soon. We’ll post here when we have updates.

@briansport13 - Thanks , this is a good work around. I was wondering how we could adjust what was showing on the from’s linked record without re-adjusting the field’s position on the child form.

Hope the Team could give us a better way to display it!

This should be a fairly simple change for us. We’ll try to get it out over the next few days.

Linked record (form) UI Enhancements This could be phase 2 ,
@Abdul - since this thread its about linked records. I’ll just post it here - think it would be great to enhance the UI ( its already a good improvement from the old linked records UI ) - as we do rely on it alot - something we use constantly

For starters,

  1. The fields showing text / pill formatting / fill for select - to stand out a tad more.
  2. Margin Responsive based on content - similar interface so maybe we can fit more fields or it doesn’t look to spaced out ?
  3. Ability to select which fields to show ( instead of fixed first 3 fields in a form? can it be more than 3?

(Future) just thinking out loud if we could have a nicer UI , Larger linked records area, with example expandable accordion or even a search to filter the already linked records ( as sometimes there could be many )

Thanks Team! just putting some thoughts here for future references :pray:

Thank you for providing such detailed feedback! We find this extremely helpful!

Here are the tickets I created:

  1. Show fields on gallery and grid in a formatted nice way (pill for select fields, etc.)
  2. The ability to have a flexible number of fields on the list layout of linked records. Show the max number of fields based on the space available, and space between fields accordingly.
  3. Ability to customize the exact fields that are shown on linked records (mentioned it here)
  4. Ability to search linked records on the form that are already selected on the cell.
  5. Some form of expandable accordians for linked records.

We’ll try to tackle as many as we can over the next few weeks!

Thanks @Abdul - for taking our feedbacks! No worries according to your priorities of course.

    • for the formatting / pills for select / text / formula / linked records fields with responsiveness - referring to the linked records in the forms

Formula field and linked records to be responsive may be tricky too / may need to limit text to cut off somehow. -

For the formatting, a good reference would be how the field title is much smaller and greyed in comparison to the data etc.

will leave it in the good hands of your UI guys :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, and to clarify the order on the form could be C,B,A or any random order or even C,B,D,E,A with other fields with the search linked record still showing Formula A,B,C. I screwed up the example by ordering A,B,C the same way I ordered Formula A,B,C which would destroy the whole point of being able to have a different custom ordering on both the form as well as the search linked records.

Also if I could add being able to show more fields on the search linked record would be great. Maybe up to 5? I currently have a checkout system for cashier & I need to show the items name (primary field),single items price,quantity,total item price (single items price x quantity), and also number of stock for the items which i currently have to show by showing a formula field as the primary which shows (items name x stock)

We’ve just released the ability to show more than 3 fields on the gallery. Now, all of the custom fields you select in the fields setting will be shown.

Please let us know if you have any feedback about this!

I just created a ticket for this. We’ll post here when we have updates.

Hi @saminformal, @briansport13, and @JamieZ,

You can now customize the fields you want to show in linked records field without changing anything in your child form. We have added the existing setup that we have for portal to the form. You can find it here:

Thank you for your feedback.


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Love it, thanks all!

Hi @briansport13,

It is now possible to show up to 6 fields in the gallery view of the portal. You just need to set Custom Fields for Layout. If you don’t have fields here, it will only show up to 3 fields based on your child form setup.

Thank your for your feedback and let us know if you have any other request.


Hi actually my request is for the linked records field in form fields to display more than 3 fields specifically not on portal view.

Hi Brian, that request is tracked separatly in our tickets. We’re still planning to implement that as well. We’ll post here when we have updates.

Hello @JamieZ! We have addressed your request. The list and gallery layouts of the portal can now render fields properly, such as single/multi-select, checkbox, etc., except for lookup fields, which will be addressed in a different ticket. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know by commenting below or reaching out to us via chat.