Date range: define number of days and allow limiting only workdays

Today, we can limit date range of a date field, as you can see:

But the options are limited to the following:

It would be very useful if we could set the date range to a specific number of days, as we can do in filters in airtable for example:

It would also be very useful if we could select a checkbox (i.e.) limiting selection only to WORKDAYS, so that users don’t select saturday or sunday.

See an ilustration of the features:

  1. Possibility to limit date range to the past(or next) number of days:

  1. Inform the number of days:

  1. Possibility to limit date range to workdays:

In this case, the date field would show today and the past 2 workdays. Therefore, if today is monday, (10/09/2023), the user would be able to select today (10/09/23), past friday (10/06/23) and past thursday (10/05/23).

Hi @amanda.teodoro. Thank you for providing this information. Can you also share the real-life problem that you are trying to solve by these suggestions?

Hi @Abdul! Sure!!

We are trying to create a timesheet, where users must submit how many hours they are spending on each task/project during the day.

Sometimes, when the user is very busy, it’s difficult to fill in the form on the same day, so we would like to allow the upload of retroactive data, as long as it is limited to 2 working days ago.

The reason why we want to limit the selection to two working days back is because if we extend it too far (as the past week for example), people may forget which tasks/projects were carried out or the real time spent on each of them.

Therefore, this feature would be very useful to us!!