Ability to use the condition "is within the past week"

I want to use the condition “is within” when i have a date field, but also limitate this to an option “this week” because until now we just have “the past week”

Hello @caique, you can accomplish this by setting up two conditions: one for the past week and another for the upcoming week. Combine them using the OR operator. Here’s an example.

Hi Paulo, thank you, and also, i want to appologize because i think i explained my idea in a different way, but what i also want is the ability to choose the option this week in the date range, and it would be nice that, when i select this week, takes the days of the week, for example 02/05 until 02/06, and tomorrow it will be 02/05 until 02/07. I want it to returns the days of the week, starting on monday.


Hello @caique, appreciate your input. I forwarded your request to the team and will see if it’s possible to add this feature to the list of conditions. We’ll ensure to provide you with updates through this communication channel.