Difficult on using filter liked record

Hi, I need some help to create a forms like this:

I have 3 collumns in my main table: “Empresa”, “Evento” and “Cliente”

I need to filter in the portal this 3 cells, Empresa (3 options and each option reveals some “Evento” options and when you select a “Evento” option more option reveals on “Cliente”)

Can someone help me, please?



It sounds like what you are trying to do closely relates to the scenario covered in the video in this help article.

I hope this video is useful to you, but if this wasn’t quite what you were looking for please do let me know!

Hi Hannes
Unfortunately I am not able to follow the video instructions because is it too fast and it is not the same thing as mine.

I have one main table wich I want to see everything, including these 3 columns: Evento, Cliente, Empresa.

I dont know how to set it up so I can have on “Cliente 5” column just the info that was selected and send on the forms on Mini.

In this link I uploaded some screenshots:

Can you please help me?


So I take it that you want to have a Cliente field on a form that is filtered by first Empresa and then Evento. To achieve this, you can do the following:

  1. Add the “Cliente 5” field to your form and then go to the field settings by clicking on it.
  2. Go to Filter Records.
  3. Add both “Empresa” and “Evento” under Conditional linked record filtering fields. (Make sure that Empresa is above Evento so that you first filter by Empresa, and then Evento)

This should now allow you to filter the Cliente field by Empresa and Evento.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if this isn’t quite what you are trying to do. If it isn’t, please add some more explanation on what you are trying to do. If you prefer not to share too much information on a public forum, you can always contact us through the chat and we will reply there :slight_smile:

Oh, perfect!
In the “Mini” side is it clear for me how to create a Conditional linked record.
I’m having difficulty on how to create theses linked tables on Airtable, what I link with what, what column needs to be a Lookup field, for example.

Can u help me?