Expanded form with a checklist

I have an expanding form linked to a record that has a long text field with rich enabled formatting enabled. In that field i have a checklist. Is it possible to have the checklist in the expanding form? right now it shows instead of a checkbox and if i were to manually enter an in-between () , it destroys the list formatting and covers to a paragraph

Hi @tyronecash. Thank you for your feedback. Can you provide more information about your use case? A real-life example of the problem that you are trying to solve would be ideal.

I am trying to use the form as a grocery list. I created a check list in air table record

But it doesn’t appear in the MiniExtension

If i try to modify by hand it destroys all the formatting in the field

Hi @tyronecash. Thank you for your feedback. I have added your vote to an open feature request related to this. We will keep you updated through this channel.