Event Check In Made Easy?

Working with college students and trying to make life as easy as possible. I’m looking to have one QR code they scan and it checks/links to their record automatically? For example, when the walk in the door and scan a QR code, it checks them in and says they attended the event. Ideally - it doesn’t create a new field everytime, but we can have one column and it lists all the dates they attended events.

I was reading an article about how to accomplish this, but then some of the fields changed/didn’t exist any more. I’m open to any variety of work arounds to make this happen, but have spent a couple hours on the project. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Thank you so much!

For example - this article is helpful, but I’m struggling to get it to run correctly:How to use the QR code generator to update a record when the QR code is scanned? | miniExtensions Help Center

Hi @JenniferSheek1. We have this article on how to setup a simple event check-in using a form.

Thanks so much! I have a group of students who will be checking in multiple times per month. Rather than making the airtable record bulky, I was hoping I could get it to trigger to the same column/field each time. For example have one field, where if a student “checks in” for work, it could hold 10-20 dates.

Hi @JenniferSheek1. You can try to generate a QR code to the form that creates a record in Airtable. In the form, the student must fill out their ID to confirm their attendance. You can use the “Creation date” in Airtable to determine the date of the attendance.