Lookup a row using a qr code - then change a value

Dear Community & Team,

i am trying to use miniExtension to check on a guestlist. Basically i have 4 entries, having an attribute “id” and unique values for the id like: 1.) abc 2.) def 3.) ghi 4.) jkl

Every entry has another checkbox value “checked” being not checked at the start.

I want to scan a qr code having a value of e.g. “abc”, matching to the id field - then i want to see the value of “checked”. If it is not checked, it should be checked.

If i scan the code again, i want to see that the value of “checked” is set. Ideally no possibility to check it again.

I tried this by setting up a form, having two fields. One id and one “checked”. Id can be selected using the qr code function.

My issue - the form does not behave like a look-up version at all. Scanning a qr code sets the value - but does not retrieve the value of “checked” from the database… is there any tutorial on how to set something like this up?


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Hi @Tapefabrik. Welcome to miniExtensions forum.

You can configure this feature following the steps outlined in the article: How to look up barcodes & QR codes on the login page? | miniExtensions for Airtable. Note that barcode scanning can be enabled for any login field, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a barcode field specifically.